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Dear Fellow Contractor,

ConTracker was built because as a contractor, we needed a fast, simple tool to help us with estimating. It wasn’t long before we realized that we created what we believe to be the best estimating solution available for our industry. We felt so strongly, that we decided to market it.

Complete simple estimates in a couple of minutes and give your customer a contract with that “professional” touch. Sell the job and have the following forms ready to print: A Purchase Order that you can use to order materials. A Work Order that you can give to the crew leader for roofing or siding jobs. An Estimate Summary that you give to the office manager to start tracking job costs. A Customer Invoice to give to your customer to receive payment.

Whether or not you sell the job you can also print: Sales Reports – Who sold how much, where the leads came from, who needs a call back, and what estimates are not done. Production Reports – How much work was completed and who did it.

Special Edition makes light work of estimating with “Copy Estimate”, “Unlimited Templates”, and transferring contact information from and to other programs like QuickBooks, Act, MYOB, Peachtree, Goldmine, MS Word, MS Excel, and dozens of others.

Do you prefer the look of the proposal you have worked with for years? We can install it in our Premium Edition. Have multiple estimators? Need to keep track of them? Replication Manager is included at no additional charge to synchronize all of your replicated copies.

We can also schedule a “live online” tour of ConTracker E Z over the Internet. We can even pass you the keyboard. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about ConTracker. Demonstrations are available 9AM – 4PM Eastern. Call 888-599-4032 for details.

Once you’ve gotten used to ConTracker, I’m sure you’ll agree that ConTracker is for Estimating, what a nail gun was for Production.

Thank you for your time and interest in ConTracker.

David R. Welch, President

ConTractor Software Solutions, Inc.


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